Utah County Immunization Coalition

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What you may not know about Pertussis:

  • Your employees are at risk!
    • Utah is among the top 10 states with the most pertussis breakouts
    • In 2013, Utah had 36.5 reported breakouts for every 100,000 people; the national average? Only 9 for every 100,000 people
    • Utah County alone has already had more than 33 breakouts for every 100,000 people so far this year
    • Many adults go unreported and untreated!
    • The BEST way to beat Pertussis is PREVENTION with the Tdap vaccine
  • Adults with whooping cough may not have any symptoms except coughing that can last up to FOUR MONTHS
    • Other problems they may experience include vomiting, rib fractures, even seizures
  • Do your employees have children?
    • Studies show that infants and children are often exposed to pertussis from an adult.
    • Parents lost an average of 6 workdays (but up to as many as 49 days) to care for ill family members at home- total cost for lost work? Over $700 per incidence.

Why worry about it now?

THE TIMING: In adults, more pertussis outbreaks occur during the summer and fall.

THE COST: The Utah County Health Department is willing to come to you at NO charge to vaccinate your employees. They accept many insurance plans, which means no out of pocket expense for you or your employees! They also have options for those with NO insurance. We will work with you beforehand to determine eligibility.

THE AVAILABILITY: Not only does the Heath Department come to YOU to give the vaccine, we are also available to come to staff meetings BEFORE clinic dates to discuss the vaccine and answer questions.

THE FLEXIBILITY: We are flexible and can schedule our clinics to work around what works best for your company-lunch breaks, before/after shifts, etc just let us know!